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Date: 07 Oct 2018, Location: LODHI HOTEL, NEW DELHI

Dear Mayoites,

We are delighted to announce the Annual Mayo Dinner 2018 will be held at Lodhi Hotel, CGO Complex, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi - 110003 on Sunday, the 7th October, 2018 from 8pm onwards.

It is many years since we last held this event at a five star hotel (this is what used to be the AMAN Resorts) till a few years back…! Here, we wish to inform you that Lodhi Hotel is giving us a fantastic deal which includes a Jazz band at the lawns with dinner comprising of several cuisines (Indian/Chinese/Thai/Western/etc.) being served up; and the hotel is also allowing us to use the night club as an extension of the dinner, courtesy Vikramaditya Singh, 1992 batch, GM of Lodhi Hotel. Needless to say the alcohol will be on the house till such time as it runs out, and after it does run out, the Lodhi will allow us to buy drinks at less than half the cost of standard hotel rates…!! So let’s make this a night to remember. 

Please make sure you don't miss this evening of fabulous ambience with delicious cuisines and (sponsored) drinks, and above all, enjoy the opportunity of spending the evening with your batchmates and fellow mayoites. 

We would also like to inform you that, for the first time, we have added CSR to our evening of banter and bonhomie. This evening will convert all of the connectivity and camaraderie into a social ‘give back’ thanks to the Lodhi MAAD joint Venture that promises to feed an old age home community as an act of charity on our behalf - free of cost…! The deal is that they will provide the Old age home, and the homeless, exactly the number of meals as we have attendees for this event. So the larger the number of attendees, the more the number of homeless and old age home people that will get fed the next day!!  

Kindly pass on this message to all Mayoites to make this event a huge success.

Please note the contribution for above would be Rs. 2500/- per head for Life Members of Mayo College Alumni Association Delhi (MAAD), Outstation Members and Current Students. Non members will be charged Rs. 3000/- per head. Kindly pay the contribution by Cheque/ Credit Card. No cash please.

All are requested to attend. Do bring your spouse / partner along. 

Go Mayo!!


Vir Vikram Yadav

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