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The Great Indian Railway Atlas

Date: 21 Apr 2017, Place:New Delhi

Dear Mayoites,

Mr Samit Roychoudhury of 1988 batch has complied the third edition of  “The Great Indian Railway Atlas”.  The Atlas is available on for sale worldwide. In addition it is also available on Amazon and Flipkart.

A short description of the book is given below:

A detailed series of maps of one of the world's largest railway systems, with accurate track alignments, up-to-date information on track status, facilities, etc. The Atlas, popular with railfans, travellers and map-lovers alike in India and abroad, now in it's third edition has been conceived and painstakingly created by Samit Roychoudhury, a design professional and railfan. 94 pages of full colour maps, of 1 : 1,000,000 scale, referenced by a locator map. Accurate alignments and locations. Approximately 12,000 locations, including existing and closed stations, sidings, control locations etc indexed and with their respective station codes. Divisional and zonal headquarters identified. Almost every closed line and station depicted. A majority of sidings and industrial lines indicated. Tracks show gauge, whether single or double, electrification, etc. Metre and Narrow gauge in a separate colour for easy differentiation. Divisional jurisdiction shown using markings. Most works in progress including new lines, gauge conversions, electrification, including those under survey, etc. All Facilities such as Locomotive Sheds (electric, diesel and steam), EMU/DMU car-sheds, important Freight Yards, Goods Sheds, Container Terminals, Accident Relief Train locations marked. With approx. 23 detailed inset maps (mostly 5x scale) of complex areas. With 9 inset maps of the cities with Metro systems. Separate Narrow Gauge Map of Bengal. Glossary of name/spelling changes. Single spread At-a-Glance Map of entire system, showing the jurisdiction of the various zones. This page also contains a submap showing the extent of electric traction on the Indian Railways. A Railfan's Map which has all locations with Railway Museums, Galleries, Heritage Parks, Railway locations under the UNESCO Word Heritage Site, as well as plinthed and preserved locomotives. Dedicated Freight Corridor Alignment marked.

With best regards
Brig Yogi Raj Tyagi(Retd)

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